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So, one thing that either helps ease my depressive thoughts is music. Careful, because some can also increase the loneliness. I have a playlist that I created on Spotify to help boost my mood. Basically, on a good day, I scrolled through all the songs that made me want to sing or dance to them and just made it into one playlist. Now when I feel low, I’ll get in my car and turn on that playlist. Then, I’ll just drive and it brings me out of that down cycle. I’ll admit, gas gets kind of expensive.

So, my favorite artist is Taylor Swift. I know, I’ve heard all the judgement on my being a “Swiftie”. I usually just laugh and shrug it off. I just want you to know that it doesn’t matter what music you like to listen to. If it keeps you alive? That’s all that matters. That is why I like Miss Taylor and her music. I have literally lived through those moments and those songs kept ME alive by making the loneliness not seem so heavy. Not to mention how gracious she is towards her fans. 🙂

When I was around nine years old, my parents split. Taylor debuted that year, and my mom started dating this guy. He was great for awhile, but eventually he started getting meaner, and meaner. The first time he got mean was when we were in the car, and “Tear Drops…” came on the radio. I always loved singing along to the radio. Ever since I could talk. My cousin and I would create shows together. Well, with him, we suddenly weren’t allowed to do it anymore. I would always, defiantly, lip sync but if any sound came out… I would get in trouble. He ruined the song “Should’ve Said No.” Towards the end of the song she asks if it was worth it. CLEAR AS DAY I can still hear him say “All he has to do is say yes, that’ll shut her up.” Even after all these years later.

See, people have a connection to music because sometimes that’s all they have to connect to. Please, don’t make fun of people’s music choice. It’s a bullying tactic. NOT. COOL.

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