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The sound of heartbreak

There are moments in life where time ceases to matter. Moments that come as such shocks you can’t process anything except what is happening in that moment. The shock resonates through your body, pinging off the boundaries of your skin.

This typically happens during moments of severe emotional distress. Maybe someone does something that changes your view of them. Someone like a parent, friend, teacher, mentor, sibling, spouse, significant other, or maybe even… yourself. In these time stopping moments, nothing else matters. All you can process is the symphony of dreams breaking and hopes crashing. Your muscles turn cold and heavy, including your heart that broke so fast -like it was frozen glass. Your breath becomes shallow and superficial. The world around you loses its color and vibrancy. You retreat back into the darkest corner and shut everything else away.

How do you get past these moments? How do you get through that wind tunnel of internal screams and cries. Sometime you just have to let it out. It’s okay to feel it. It’s the feeling that makes us grow. No, you will never be the same from that moment on, but you have a chance to be better.

It doesn’t come all at once. It starts with you peeking out from your corner. Eventually, you’ll be comfortable stepping out into the light. You’ll rediscover the vibrant colors. You’ll laugh again and dance. You’ll move on, when you realize their actions didn’t change who you are. It just taught you a lesson about how to trust.

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