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Dear Taylor,

This past has been crazy! Even more so for you- I hope you find the time to sleep and take care of yourself. After your new release I (and a million others) went to Target and were granted the opportunity to be gifted with 120 pages of journal entries- you told us before hand, but here we are. 🙂 So many of your entries reminded me of my (our) own.

I’m sure you’re aware, but in your fan base our vision of you has changed. You’ve gone from teen-idol, to super-sensation, all the way to a dear old friend. You think of us and we think of you. You’re that friend who says what we are too shy to say, or can’t seem to place the words in the right order. You’re that friend who only gets to talk once in a while, but it always picks right back up. I’m sure you get thousands of “thank yous” and “we love yous”, you’re truly apart of our lives- even when you’re thousands of miles away and we never meet. You’ve created something truly remarkable and admirable.

Your songs, our letters, one fandom we stand and express our love and gratitude! Love live the magic!

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