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Let it die

We didn’t get far at all. So, I don’t know why this hurts so much. I guess I got used to messaging every day. I had hoped for a chance.

They were right to warn you about me. Everything they said had some degree of accuracy. I have a Midas heart, and when I let someone in… it starts out so great and then… well… Anyway, I should’ve just walked away.

I was right, someone always catches feelings and gets attached. At least it was I who was hurt. I don’t want you to. Because it was I that saw the end of the story from the beginning. I’ve read the story and even watched the films so many times, but still I had hoped for a different ending.

So, we let it die. The sparks turn to embers and the embers to ash. We have to let it go and walk away greatful that the burn wasn’t as deep as it could have been.

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