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Fearlessly Remastered

Hello Dear Readers!

This post is going to be about the re-recording of Taylor Swift’s old music. So, if you don’t like her then this probably isn’t the post for you, but I hope you’ll keep reading anyway. Maybe take some new insight from it.

So, as has been all over entertainment news, Taylor Swift released the re-recorded version of “Love Story” one of her first biggest hits from her second album Fearless. I am so happy to get these new versions. I have been a fan ever since I heard “Teardrops On My Guitar” on the radio, and have only grown as a fan since. However, as an adult I have had a hard time listening to her old music due to the memories associated with them. I’ve told the story of Chris in “Music” and how music can bring back memories in “Music- Cont.” Those two short posts pretty much explain why I would have a hard time listening to some of Taylor’s old music. Her Fearless album was a birthday gift from my grandma and Tom. I listened to it every night with my portable CD player, and I had it on my Myspace playlist. I remember listening to “You’re Not Sorry” and not thinking of bullies, or crushes, I thought of Chris, my Mom, and my brother and every mean thing they may have said. Whether it was meant or not. My little brain processed it as such, and I would lay there wishing for something to change. So, as I became an adult and started to process things, and work through the trauma, it became hard for me to listen to some of my favorite songs because they would become triggers. I don’t have that album CD anymore, I stopped listening to it when we moved to Indiana. Then a friend asked to borrow it and I gave it to her, but I never got it back. I bought them all again when Reputation came out, then they all got broken on one of the many moves between Indiana and Cali. So, I’ve just listen to her latest 3 (Lover, Folklore, and Evermore).

Well, with these new versions (Taylor’s versions) it give rebirth to my love of those songs. I can listen to them, and not have them trigger flashbacks. They’re practically the same songs, and I can’t explain why it’s different. I just know that the slight variation in “Love Story (Taylor’s Version) doesn’t trigger, and I hope that I will be able to create new memories around these new versions. Create new connections, and be able to enjoy them in all of their glory. They really are great songs, and I’m excited to associate happy memories to them. She can own her life’s work, and I can gain ownership of my memories. Like rewriting a CD back when we had to burn them to make “customize playlists”.

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