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The Goal of this Page

Hello Dear Readers!

I just wanted to pop on and talk about why I started this page. When I started this page two years ago my goal was to have an outlet for things I need to say and put out into the world. It’s also been a source of processing traumas both from early in life, to current situations. The other goal is to raise awareness of early signs of developing disorders in children. The emotional stagnation of previous generations and the forcing of authoritarian order have led an entire generation to change the way they look at life. This generation is now coming into adult years and has formulated how to improve the lives of those around them.

Part of that formula is noticing when they’re experiencing and helping children process trauma. No one explained things to us when we were children. We were expected to handle life situations and process them on our own. We were called soft, spoiled, and entitled for simply wanting explanations and answers. When we accepted the lack of interaction, we were then called lazy and bums. When we struggled, we were met with scoffs and “pick yourself up.” Our cries and complaints fell on deaf ears. Our solutions are dismissed, and our attempts at being heard get drowned out by older generations who claim we “know nothing.” Yet, we are one of the most educated generations.

I had some things to say and talk about, so I made this blog. You guys have grown this page, and I thank you for that. I hope it can provide insight into how a “Zellenial” views the world and the events behind shaping those views. Listen to your children and explain what is happening in their lives. Use terms a child would understand. By raising our children in healthier environments, than which we grew, we can ensure the best outcome for the future.

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