My poetry

Can you understand?
If you do, just take my hand.
Run away with me and join my symphony.

She had cried herself to sleep.
Sobbed until there was nothing left.
But worse than the sorrow…
Was the empty feeling left,
When she woke up.

Pull me close, and hold me tight.
For your arms are where I want to sleep

Her smile was her greatest illusion..
It hid her tears in with her broken dreams.
Hidden deep inside,
Where no one could see.
But such magic took it’s toll,
and once she let it fall.
No damn could hold it back, until the damage was done.

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall
who is the most foolish of them all?”
But, the mirror did not change,
Realizing the answer,
She retreated behind a wall of tears.
Surely, it was impenetrable.

The white horse turned to a donkey.
And the promises fell like rain.
Drowning her in it’s hopelessness.
Another fragile flame, lost to the storm
of pride and imagery.

Not one person
will see the fool cry.
He will laugh until he dies.
But who shall dance
when his song ends?

I‘ve lost my way,
and the compass keeps spinning…
At least Alice had a road!
But she followed a rabbit,

where as I- a toad.

This way or that?
Either way beats where I’m at.
One wrong turn, Wake and destruction awaits.
The right one, and heaven shall open it’s gates.

Wake up, my darling!
It is time to start living, again!

Angels don’t die,
Just discover their wings.
For who would want to be here,
when they could fly.

When the shine fades, sliver turns to grey.
And magic to dust.
With one puff it blows away with her trust.
The butterflies died, and so. did. us.

Move on.
Don’t freeze, don’t stay.
Don’t send the words you want to say.
Move on.
Find someone else.
Put this book on it’s shelf.
Find peace…
How can I?
After coming so close to being complete.
Move on.
Smile at something real.
Don’t dwell on those dreams that you can’t touch or feel.
Move on.
Is it wrong?
Move on.
Don’t show behind the scenes.
Just set the stage, and rule as queen.
I moved on.
Until I woke up and your face was still in the dark.
How can I go farther away, when I just want to be close?
Move on,
I remind myself, every morning and every loose thought.